Awesome Music / Portal 2

Note: Unlike most other games listed under Awesome Music, the OST for Portal 2 is available for free directly from Valve!note 


Vocal, Semi-Vocal

  • "Triple Laser Phase", a haunting ambient track.
  • Love As A Construct, a beautiful track to accompany a relationship that will never be until the ending.
  • There She Is, a gorgeous tune that plays as Chell and Wheatley enter GLaDOS's ruined chamber. It's haunting and even somewhat intimidating, and it fits the scene perfectly.
  • Space Phase, a tune so calm, yet so saddening.
  • Wheatley Science. It's sinister, mischievous, and almost Danny Elfman-like, and hints at just how badly the Enrichment Center is doing under Wheatley's control. Aside from strings and drums, the ENTIRE TRACK is made up of ALARMS. As a menu-screen track, you would hear it when you open up the game in Wheatley's third of the game- so imagine booting up the game, and the first thing you hear is blaring alarms. You KNOW that Aperture is in great danger, and Wheatley doesn't have a clue how to stop it. This is the music of destruction right here.
  • Several pieces of brilliant soundtrack are missed simply due to perfect integration during certain contexts; notable examples include synthesized Bach when "flying" and rhythmically whirring lasers when near welders.
  • 9999999 is the very first thing you hear upon playing Portal 2 for the first time. The first 1:07 are quiet and mysterious... and then, at 1:08, the full orchestra kicks in, letting the player know that, this time, the stakes are held even higher than they were the previous game.
  • Players only get to hear a small snippet of (defun botsbuildbots () (botsbuildbots)) on the main menu during GLaDOS's tests, but the full song truly shows how awesome it is. It recycles a single melody a few times, and each time it does so, it grows in strength until it peaks at 1:53. Combined with the visuals on the main menu of the turret assembly line, the song provides a perfect feeling of Aperture's machinery hard at work, and how it all combines together to form an impossibly large facility.
  • 'Hard Sunshine' is a beautiful, melancholy track that kind of gives you the impression of what a Hard Light Bridge is like- imagine walking on sunshine, but not being able to feel the actual sun on your skin...

  • Smooth Jazz will be deployed in 3...2...1...DING! Now in the full version! The song is called "Offering", by Larry Stephens.
  • Oh no, He's Playing Classical Music.
    • Machiavellian Bach, actually. Now that volume's out. Adds all the bits together, for better, um, book-reading. One of Machiavelli's best songs, that, I know, not a moron...
    • Also, the electronic version of the song that plays when you're being flung, and the mixture of the two. If you're wondering, this is where it came from.