Awesome Music / Portal

Portal 2 has its own Awesome Music page here.

  • "Still Alive", well on its way to cult classic status among video game tracks.
  • "4,000 Degrees Kelvin", which plays at one of the most tense moments in the game. It fits the scene perfectly, especially with GlaDOS' comments.
  • The genuinely creepy music, "No Cake For You", that starts up when you discover the Room Full of Crazy. Now that's thinking with portals.
  • GLaDOS' boss theme, "You Can't Escape You Know".
  • While playing through Portal, most people don't consciously realize there's music. It's so subtly woven into the ambient noise, it's barely even noticeable, except at a few very key moments (the radios and "Still Alive", of course, but also the end of Chamber 19, getting the fully-functional portal gun, and so on).
  • Self Esteem Fund kicks in right about the time where the player begins to feel the isolation of Aperture Laboratories, having seen no one but Chell and heard no one but GLaDOS despite all the testing they have been doing. And this song perfectly augments that feeling... it is quiet and atmospheric, but solemn, reflective, and tugs at your heartstrings, making you feel truly alone in these bright walls of the testing facility.
  • Not strictly from Portal, but Put me down. Put me down. Put-put-put-put me down.
  • Also not strictly from Portal, but both tracks by Silence, from the main menu of the mod Portal: Prelude.
  • Ellen McLain once wrote her own song for GLaDOS, "GLaDOS' Song" (also known among fans as "Don't Say Goodbye"). One fan made a GLaDOS-ified version with music video.