Awesome Music / Ayreon

Being an expansive Rock Opera regularly featuring many of the most notable musicians in Progressive Metal, this group naturally produces some truly awesome music.

  • The Final Experiment:
    • Sail Away to Avalon, a triumphant Folk Metal track about the Knights of the Round Table preparing to quest for the Holy Grail mixing nice riffs, mediaeval instruments and samples for an epic feel, and some synthesizers for texture, this should be in any self-respecting Dungeons and Dragons music collection.
    • Although the original "Eyes of Time" was great, the gentler version that is Dreamtime turns an awesome metal song into a beautiful folky peace.
    • "Into the Black Hole". Bonus points for getting Bruce Dickinson to sing in there. "We surrender to its might... Gazing into the eeeeeeeeeye of the Univeeeeeeerse!!"
  • "Dawn of a Million Souls" from Universal Migrator Part 2: Flight of the Migrator is without a doubt the song that God played when the universe was born.
  • The Human Equation is basically wall-to-wall Awesome Music, but "School", "Loser" and "Isolation" deserve special mention.
  • Basically the entirety of 01011001, but special mention goes to The Sixth Extinction, particularly the spectacular final chorus that starts off with a duet between Hansi Kürsch and Floor Jansen.