Heartwarming / Ayreon

  • Love singing in the Human Equation: Day 2 Isolation "You'll find me here, whenever they oppose you, 'I am the strongest of them all.' The only character supporting 'Me' and the one that comes out on top in the end.
  • Pretty much all of Day 11: Love, in which Me remembers the day he met his wife (as the title implies, it was literally Love at First Sight.) By the time they get to the bridge even Fear seems to be taken in by the atmosphere.
  • Happens a lot in The Human Equation. Day 20: Confrontation sees Best Friend forgiving Me for ruining his career, and by this point Me has already forgiven Best Friend and Wife for what looked like an affair. It's those combined decisions that allow him to finally wake up.
  • From The Theory of Everything, the Father and son reuniting and working together in "The Breakthrough" even if it might have just been in the Prodigy's head.