Tear Jerker / Ayreon

  • In the second track of the Universal Migrator pt 1, we are shown the Colonist's childhood. His parents have died in the war of 2084, and he now has nothing to do but sit in his domed house on Mars knowing full well that he's the last human alive. The yearning for the simple human comfort of getting to talk with someone plus his dream of getting to visit Earth is just so sad. But what really hammers it home is his monotone voice. He's emotionally dead and has already considered this a thousand times before and he's still a child.
  • The same character in Part II of Universal Migrator, having relived his previous incarnations is now seeing the birth of the universe, following a thread of the migrator through the birth of the universe, seeing the forevers and following it all the way back to Sol, only to run out of air as he enters the system. Made particularly heart wrenching as the entire song is sung first person and ends with the Dream Sequencer trying to warn him to wake up before cutting out mid-sentence when he passes.
  • Oh, the poor Prodigy leads a hard life...
    • He father secretly doses him with a drug to bring him out of his autistic shell to have his son help him complete the Theory, the Prodigy does not react well when he discovers this.
    • When he helps his Rival perform the bank heist The Girl kicks him out of her house
    • "The Note" is particularly tear jerking.
    The Prodigy: "I'm broken, I'm falling apart, slowly fading away..."
  • Me in The Human Equation is a jerk, but considering everything that happened, you can't help but feel sorry for him.
    • His suicide attempt is the most heartbreaking moment when you realize what happened: He came home to find Wife and Best Friend in each other's arms, leading to the event, but in Day Seventeen: Accident?, it's revealed they in each other's arms for comfort, and despite the fact no cheating happened, the two beg for forgiveness, wishing they never meant to hurt him.