Awesome: We Were Soldiers

  • The Obstructive Bureaucrats at the Pentagon send "regret to inform you..." letters to the girls back home at the base by telegram, delivered by cab driver. When the taxi driver stops at her house to ask for directions, Julia Moore berates him horribly for making her think her husband had died. He responds with a Tear Jerker "...I don't like this job, ma'am." Mrs. Moore, in a gloriously autocratic move, grabs the letters, shoos the cabbie away, and delivers the letters personally.
  • Sergeant Major Plumley, standing in the middle of the HQ, single-shotting charging NVA troopers while defending the wounded.
    • A neat extra bit, if you look closely his target selection is the same as Galloway's. So Galloway may or may not have killed anyone.
  • Colonel Moore is giving a sitrep to his higher-ups on the radio, as we see a NVA trooper charging up behind him to bayonet him. Just as his boss asks him to tell him how bad it is, he spins around just in time to shoot and kill the trooper, who falls at his feet.