Heartwarming / We Were Soldiers

  • According to Joe Galloway:
    Then there were those on the other side, such as Gen. An who did his best to wipe us out in the Ia Drang and came damned close to it. Years later, in 1993, he and some of his officers went back to our old battlefield with us, walked that blood-stained ground and shed tears with us for all who died there, American and Vietnamese.
  • Colonel Moore is faced with doubts and unsure of victory, remarking "Christ! This is just like Little Big Horn!" Sergeant Major Plumley sets him straight:
  • After taking the diary of a slain NVA soldier, Moore goes through the trouble of making sure the diary makes it back to the soldier's girlfriend.
    • Another, though very macabre, is that after a battle, the Americans are respectful enough to gather up the dead NVA soldiers so that their comrades can collect them.