Nightmare Fuel / We Were Soldiers

  • Literally invoked by the effects of napalm. Especially on poor Jimmy Nakayama...that's not creative liberty on Hollywood's part, that actually happened.
  • The onscreen deaths of the soldiers. Crosses over with Tear Jerker when the wives are notified of the deaths of their husbands.
  • One soldier is hit with White Phosphorous or Wiley Pete in the face. A fellow soldier has to carve out the burning fragments out of his face with a knife.
  • While training stateside before their deployment, Moore's radio operator is able to tune in on broadcasts from US forces in a firefight on the far side of the world. Moore's men are able to do no more than passively listen to the urgent radio message as the sounds of a pitched gunbattle can be heard, while being helpless to do anything to aid the troops in the battle.
  • Broken Arrow.