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YMMV: We Were Soldiers
  • Awesome Music: "Mansions of the Lord." Randall Wallace intended to use an Army equivalent of the Navy Hymn (Eternal Father), but discovered that no such song existed. So, he wrote one. So awesome it was played at President Reagan's funeral.
    • The soundtrack version is sung by the West Point cadet choir. All the more poignant when one realizes that the proud young men and women singing their hearts out are now Army officers leading their troops in combat.
  • Funny Moments: Pretty much anything that Sgt. Major Plumley says; amplified by the fact that he doesn't talk much through out the movie, as well as pretty much any situation where a friendly conversation on the battlefield is interrupted by a bullet whizzing by close enough to, say, pass between two men shaking hands, or to shatter the head of a flashlight clipped to an officer's uniform. It's almost a Running Gag.
  • Heartwarming Moments: After taking the diary of a slain NVA soldier, Moore goes through the trouble of making sure the diary makes it back to the soldier's girlfriend.
    • Another, though very macabre, is that after a battle, the Americans are respectful enough to gather up the dead NVA soldiers so that their comrades can collect them.
  • Narm: Combined with Unfortunate Implications when the black woman's husband dies and she reacts to being notified of it by mumbling her Big "NO!" in a hammy, incoherent and unfortunately stereotypical way.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Moore's son is a pre-Middle School Ned Bigby.
    • Jon Hamm as Captain Dillon.
    • Brian Tee (Jimmy Nakayama) would go on to appear in The Wolverine.
  • Squick: Poor Jimmy. Poor Joe too.
    "Grab his legs!" *shudder*note 

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