YMMV / We Were Soldiers

  • Awesome Music: "Mansions of the Lord." Randall Wallace intended to use an Army equivalent of the Navy Hymn (Eternal Father), but discovered that no such song existed. So, he wrote one. So awesome it was played at President Reagan's funeral.
    • The soundtrack version is sung by the West Point cadet choir. All the more poignant when one realizes that the proud young men and women singing their hearts out are now Army officers leading their troops in combat.
  • Narm: When the black woman's husband dies and she reacts to being notified of it by mumbling her Big "NO!" in a hammy, incoherent and stereotypical way.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Moore's son is a pre-Middle School Ned Bigby.
  • Squick: Poor Jimmy. Poor Joe too.
    "Grab his legs!" *shudder*note 
  • Too Dumb to Live: Lt. Herrick's response while under heavy fire and separated from the main body of troops is to yell for his men to "grab the wounded" and stand up in the face of said fire and try to make a run for it. He gets cut down before he can get another sentence out.