Awesome / Wangan Midnight

Wangan Midnight
  • Takayuki Kuroki (yes, the one wearing glasses driving the R33 Skyline GT-R) manages to defeat the Blackbird. Cleanly. For a character that only appears in one story arc (the R200 Club, 1st and 2nd half), this is an impressive feat. He could have beaten the Devil Z too had his engine not overheated/over-revved and blown.
    • Not only that, but losing to Kuroki sent Shima into a Heroic B.S.O.D.. Yes, a one-shot character defeats a recurring character, and in the process breaks his motivation.
  • Akio Asakura (this one, not the previous one) manages to tame and control the Devil Z by the end of the story. While it seems mundane, keep in mind, he is the first person to do so without getting killed.
  • On a meta-level; the manga gets its own anime adaptation!

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune
  • Cleaing all of Story Mode without losing a single stage.
    "You have got a new title: Undefeated Winner of the Highway / Undefeated Highway Dominator"
    • And if you do so with the Mitsubishi Pajero in MT 4:
    "You have got a new title: From Paris To Dakarnote "
  • Every battle with R200CLUB has "CCR" Motoki and "JAPAN" Tezuka attempting to wreck your car, only to crash as a result. From Maximum Tune 4 onwards, they see you as target practice for when they take on Reina's GT-R later, with a cutscene partway through showing them spectacularly crashing into each other.
  • Taking a "top ghost" crown, making it yours, and having that status shown during the Attract Mode.
    "YOU WIN! The crown is yours!"
    • Taking all of the crowns at the arcade to show your mastery over every course in the game and unlocking the "Fastest in the Metro Highway" title.