Trivia: Wangan Midnight

  • Bad Export for You: The international version of Maximum Tune removes the Gemballa-tuned Porsches, as Namco didn't want to pay Porsche's, and by extension Gemballa's, legendary multi-hundred-million-dollar licensing fees to have them available outside of the Japanese version.
    • Averted for the first time in the English version of Maximum Tune 4, which retains most of the non-Japanese cars that have already been released for original Japanese version.
    • Played straight with Early Installment Weirdness for the English version of Maximum Tune 5 might as well be called Maximum Tune 4 DX due to many features from the Japanese version of 5 being gutted out of the English version while adding new features.
  • Hey, it's that Kamen Rider!: The film adaption hired some actors who were former Kamen Riders, or supporting characters in some recent shows before the film's theretical release.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Hire Gendo Ikari to do some BO-dy work, and Tatsuya is unbeatable downhill.
  • No Export for You:
    • Manga: Not a single company in North America has expressed interest in picking up either the anime or the manga. However, an official Chinese translation of the manga is available in Taiwan.
    • The original Wangan Midnight arcade game, and the console entries.
    • The English versions of Maximum Tune 4 and 5 are currently only available in various English-speaking countries in Southeast Asia (eg. Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, etc.) This is despite the card transfer event that lets players transfer their cards from Maximum Tune 3DX+ to Maximum Tune 4 ending in October 2013, so if Maximum Tune 4 (or 5) ever gets in other markets, players in those markets will have to start all over again.