Awesome / Top 10

Top 10 (main series)

  • Jeff Smax trying to arrest a cosmic-level villain who's taken out several of his fellow officers, taking her best shots and getting up again— while reading her her Miranda rights. ("Okay. Let's go through that again.")
    Smax: Sir? Permission to use extreme force.
    Captain Jetman: Break her £$%&ing neck, son.
    Smax: (calmly) Yessir.
  • Dust Devil facing down Lomax/Hound in his own base, about to get run over by the Houndmobile— "However you wanna play it, hombre. Slap leather." —and shooting the engine out of the car, then calmly picking up his hat, dusting himself off and reporting that "the Hound got collared".
  • Joe Pi demonstrating that he doesn't have a future as a siege negotiator by "accidentally" convincing Atoman to kill himself. Atoman is practically immortal and would barely age by the time any prison sentence was up, but without his other powers (which would have been suppressed while in prison), he was unlikely to find his stay in prison very enjoyable. Especially considering he was a known child molestar.
  • Joe Pi, in his first day on the job, identified Dr. Incredible's body and had the perp in the car roughly three minutes after arriving on scene. Then got her to waive her right to attorney and confess back at the station.
  • Joe Pi's humiliation of the bigoted Shock-Headed Peter.
  • Detective John "Peacock King" Corbeau winning an interdimensional gladiatorial competition for the Top Ten, and telling his son that the trophy he won is nothing to be proud of, because violence isn't the answer.
  • Harry "The Word" Lovelace subduing a powerful psychokinetic (after a few humorous slips-up).
  • The whole police department gets one after the Sentinel Seven are revealed to be a child molestation ring. On hearing the evidence that shows that they're guilty, they don't try to be amusing (except for Joe Pi shutting down Shock-Headed Peter), they just gear up and take them down like any other criminal.

The Forty-Niners

  • The Maid, Joanna Dark, blessing the city's reservoir so that all the water in the city can be used against the massive vampire cabal the department is busting.