Funny / Top 10

  • Joe Pi tells anti-robotic bigot Pete Cheney that the candy vending machine he is sticking his hand into is actually Joe's retarded hillbilly cousin Emmy Sue. Cheney freaks out. The best part is Cheney is too stupid to realize Joe was trolling him, which makes it all the more funnier to Jack and Duane as Cheney says he needs to wash his hands.
  • Smax and Robyn check out the murder of the Norse god Balder. Smax's announcement when he enters the bar: "Nobody move in a mysterious way!"
  • Duane Bodine's mother asks him over to investigate a large hole in her apartment wall, which turns out to come from an infestation of superpowered mice in costumes. The exterminator they call in brings in a similar team of "atomi-cats" to hunt them down, and a few days later their battle has progressed into a convoluted Massive Multiplayer Crossover with cosmic-level animals on both sides. Then Peter suggests calling in some super-dogs...
  • In a panel showing Ghostlawns cemetery in Chapter Eleven, you can see an obvious Ghost Rider Expy on a flaming unicycle.