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Fridge: Top 10
Fridge Brilliance
  • I'd read all of Alan Moore's Top 10 in one go, and was literally at the fridge when I realized, no it wasn't just a fun police procedural with superheroes, it was the best police procedural out there. Furthermore, it is actually Alan Moore's most sophisticated work, because unlike some of his better known work, he never relies on any the characters being messed in the head or being in a nigh-apocalyptic scenario in order to keep the story going or to keep the reader interested; for all intents and purposes, they're just average ordinary people, facing average ordinary problems, and damn do you root for them and care about them. — Lexi Dizzle
    • What got me was rereading Top 10 after reading the Smax special, which looks just like a completely plot-unrelated spinoff, but was actually planned all along and starts getting foreshadowed in about issue five or so. — Gloating Swine

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