YMMV / Top 10

  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Smax. Jack Phantom, King Peacock, Wolfspider and Joe Pi are also extremely popular, despite the latter barely featuring in the original series.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • M'rrgla Qualtz, the "Vigilante from Venus," is also the Libra Killer, an Eldritch Abomination living in the sewers of Neopolis and feeding off the fluids in their heads . She's killed over 10 known prostitutes and collected their severed heads. While imprisoned, she tries to trick Monsoon into freeing her by putting him in a brief Lotus-Eater Machine, and later invades Jack's mind to mentally have sex with her. She literally committed Mind Rape on Jack, and the look on her face when Jack is threatening to kill her makes it clear she's enjoying every moment of it. It's also implied she's a sexual predator like the rest of the Seven Sentinels, and with her shapeshifting abilities, God can only guess what she must've done to the Young Sentinels.
    • The Seven Sentinels in general. So, you've got a bunch of Captain Ersatz characters based on the Justice League of America, and in their first appearance they try defending one of their teammates despite that said teammate is a shapeshifting serial murderer. It gets worse. They're a bunch of rapists and child molesters who boost their public image by claiming they've fought a number of intergalactic wars and saved the Earth from alien threats, when those are really covers to hide whatever sexual torment they've inflicted on their children and sidekicks. To drive the point home, we get to see Peregrine and Jack's disgusted reactions to footage of Atoman getting what is implied to be a blow job from the Sizzler's pre-teen sidekick Scorchy. And as we later find out, Scorchy is the Sizzler's daughter. The Forty-Niners gives the Sentinels layers of Fridge Horror by reinforcing that the Hound has had more than "Pup" for a sidekick. Now let that sink in...
  • The Woobie: The Young Sentinels when we find out they're the sexual playthings for the Seven Sentinels, who're not only their mentors, but their fathers and uncles. Scorchy, the Sizzler's sidekick and daughter, breaks down in tears when the Top 10 perform their raid on the Sentinels, saying she hates her father and mentions that Larry Lomax, the Hound, regularly beats them.