Awesome / Tom Strong

  • Dhalua Strong deciding she needs to have a... talk, with Ingrid Weiss, the haughty Nazi super soldier who essentially raped Dhalua's husband and raised their son to espouse Nazi dogma, whilst teaming up with Tom's Arch-Enemy ( or so she thought) and acting as if her relationship with Tom actually is a relationship. Cue one of the most epic beatdowns ever given in comic book history, and rather than killing Weiss, Dhalua simply breaks her will in front of her child.
  • Tom Strong himself defeating his archenemy for the final time in the first issue of his series.
  • In issue #17 Tesla Strong's boyfriend, who until recently lived in a volcano with his own people, joins in a space mission to stop an Alien Invasion of giant ants.
    Val: Ha! Val Var Garm can kill these little ants, they nothing are like!
    Tesla Strong: "Like they are nothing." Val, I said before, these aren't little ants.
    Val: It's not matter. Ants big, ants little, Val burn them in fire.
    Tesla Strong: Uh... Val, look, maybe we should leave this stuff to dad.
    Tom Strong: Hey, let your boyfriend talk, Tesla. Let's hear where he's going to find a fire he can control out here.
    Val: (gestures to the sun) "Duh." Is right- that what you say?
    • And it turns out his pyrokinesis really is that strong. Two-thirds of the invasion force don't get past the sun.