Awesome / The Rugrats Movie
Go, Spike!
  • Angelica's workaholic mother throwing her cell phone in the river after being reunited with Angelica and the babies.
  • Spike fearlessly charging in and fighting the wolf to protect his beloved owners. Keep in mind that the wolf is at least three times larger than Spike and is perfectly capable of snapping his spine in half. And Spike won!
  • Angelica biting a monkey's tail to get Cynthia back.
    • Also, she unknowingly stuns a wolf at one point- by throwing her roller skate at it
      • Then Spike notices the wolf and manages to drag the unsuspecting Angelica out of the wolf's clutches
  • Tommy protecting Dil from the monkeys.
    • Later, Dil returns the favor using the Reptar Wagon to save Tommy, Chuckie Phil & Lil from the monkeys
  • Chuckie's speech towards Phil and Lil. He is still worried about Tommy & Dil and when the twins blow him off, he chews them out without so much as raising his voice. It results in the twins finally accepting Dil and go out to save him and Tommy
    Chuckie: I don't know, guys. If we find the lizard and Tommy doesn't, how's he ever gonna get home?
    Phil: Whatcha worried about him for? He's the one who almost let you get eated by a fish!
    Lil: All's he cares about now is Baby Dil!
    Chuckie: Yeah, well somebody has to! Don't they?
  • Stu taking the Dactar on a search to find his two sons.
  • When Angelica ends up dangling precariously on the strap of her jumper on a broken bridge, the Rugrats don't hesitate for a moment to save her. Now that's friendship and loyalty for someone who's bossy and abusive towards them.
  • The Circus Monkeys ambushing and giving Rex Pester his karma. All the parents (especially Betty) are quite amused.
    Rex: No! Not the toupee!
    Betty: (laughs) Go get him, you little simians!
    Charlotte: Hey, Rex! Time for your close-up!
    Chaz: [in mock sympathy] Oh dear, too bad.
  • Meta-example: It became the first animated film not made by Disney to gross $100 million in the United States.
  • Another meta example: Tara Strong first performance of Dil's crying was so on-point that it caused a woman in the room who'd just had a baby to start lactating!