Awesome: The Rugrats Movie

  • Angelica's workaholic mother throwing her cell phone in the river after being reunited with Angelica and the babies.
  • Spike charging in and fighting the wolf to protect his beloved owners.
  • Angelica biting a monkey's tail to get Cynthia back. Also, she accidentally stuns a wolf at one point- by throwing her roller skate at it.
  • Tommy protecting Dil from the monkeys.
  • Chuckie's speech towards phil and lil that finally makes the two cope with Dil and go out to save him and Tommy
  • Chuckie's speech towards Phil and Lil. He is still worried about Tommy & Dil and when the twins blow him off, he chews them out without so much as raising his voice.
    Chuckie: I don't know guys. If we find the lizard and Tommy doesn't, how's he ever gonna get home?
    Phil: Whatcha worried about him for? He's the one who almost let you get eated by a fish!
    Lil: All's he cares about now is Baby Dil!
    Chuckie: Yeah, well somebody has to! Don't they?
  • What about the fact that the film became the first animated movie not made by Disney to gross $100 million in the United States?
  • Stu taking the Dactar on a search to find his two sons.
  • The Circus Monkeys ambushing and giving Rex Pester his karma. All the parents (especially Betty) are quite amused.
    Rex: No! No! Not my toupeť! No!
    Betty: (laughs) Go get him, ya little simians!
    Charlotte: Hey, Rex! Time for your close-up!
    Chaz: [in mock sympathy] Oh dear, too bad.