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Headscratchers: The Rugrats Movie
  • This one is pretty subtle and picky, but at the part with Tommy and the babies' encounter with the "Lizard," Angelica joins them in saying "The Lizard!" in unison. However, Angelica wasn't with the babies for the majority of the movie, and never discussed the Lizard with them. She says it and also seems to act as if she had known about it the whole time.
    • Well, it occurs to me — wasn't it ACTUALLY a giant Lizard?

  • That the deleted scenes aren't even on the DVD of the movie, but they're on TV broadcasts.
    • That once confuses me too. Maybe since the Rugrats 20th anniversary is this year, and they were so loved by Nick, maybe they're rerelease the movie.
      • They did in a 3-pack with the other movies, but it's still the same DVD as the 1999 release. Because the format was still new at the time, there weren't any incredible features; just the CatDog short included on the tape and the theatrical trailer.

  • I know this is a show about talking, walking, genius babies, but how could Dil do the many things he's done? It was only two weeks since they left the hospital (if this troper's memory is accurate) and yet he has gained complete control of his body, such as clapping and taking the blanket from under Tommy's body while rolling to the side.
    • This is actually something pretty common in shows when a baby is born. More often than not, the baby will be fully mobile before he's/she's even a month old.
    • Doesn't answer the question, but it was four weeks. He is at least a month old.

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