Awesome / The George Lopez Show

  • When Carmen finds out that her boyfriend Jason was cheating on her for a month, she calls him over to take his stuff back, then when he comes over, Carmen walks in carrying his stuff and wearing a VERY revealing outfit, she then tells him not to bother calling her, throws his stuff outside and tells him that he can go to hell.
    Carmen: I just want to let you know, if it doesn't work out, and you want to come back here....don't. Now that you know what you're losing, go to hell!
  • George punching out his dad for badmouthing Benny.
  • One of Benny's coworkers makes a joke about her relationship with Randy, so she kicks him in the crotch and pours her beer on his head.
    Bob: What are you gonna do? Grab a stepstool and pour that beer over my head?
    Benny: No... You're gonna come down here.
  • When Veronica flirts with George's boss to make his life hard for him until she gets her inheritance, and George manages to turn it around on her, this one quote sums it up well.
    George: I can handle all the work Mel gives me, but you can only tease him for so long.
  • Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny, but there is the time George zinged Benny's mom once she was out of earshot during the episode where we get to see how much of a monster she is.
    George: Damn! I think some flowers died as she walked past.
  • Angie has an absolutely perfect one after Benny makes a crack about her. Benny, having gonorrhea, gets this response:
    Angie: *wiping tears* That hurts Bennie. But it doesn't burn.
    • And the minute a horrified Benny turns her back, Angie does a victory pose.
  • And speaking of Benny pwning, we have this exchange:
    Benny: Did you think of that last night when you were spooning with Ernie?
    George: Look, that was an accident! (Benny gets a Flat "What." look on her face) But at least I can keep a man in my bed! (Benny looks enraged) Yeah! When Ernie gets up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, he comes back!
  • George hallucinates what his life would be like if Benny was a loving mother. Once he wakes up, he ends up back at the house talking to Angie about how it made him a better person and says something like this;
    George: I could be the kind of person who'd just let her break my golf clubs, but instead I'm the kind of person that goes into her car and takes this. *Pulls out a steering wheel while sporting a huge grin
  • George gets one even earlier in "Curious George". After discovering that Carmen is alone with a boy in her room, George talks to the boy alone and makes a point of saying that he's always watching, scaring the hell out of the kid. When George leaves the room and the kid collapses on the bed, George yells for him to get off the bed. Cue the boy jumping up, completely freaked out, and frantically looking around the room.
  • George burning the check he was going to give to the school for a field trip after the obnoxious teacher refuses to admit the field trip wasn't a necessity.
    • Nobody NEEDS to see a space shuttle launch!!!!
  • Benny bashing in Zack Powers' skull with a wrench. It happens offscreen, but you can hear the little twerp screaming and Benny rushing in excitedly with a wrench in her hand. Don't deny it, Zack totally deserved it.
  • An awesome moment for George. He and Angie go off to his sister-in-law's funeral where he has to endure his Obnoxious In-Laws who still see him as a cholo, and goes off to eat hors-d'oeuvres. Then we see Claudia's video will, where we see who will be chosen as Veroncia's trustee.
    Claudia: Will Victor Palmero please step forward.
    [Vic steps forward]
    Claudia: Good. Now bend over and kiss George Lopez's ass, because I choose him.
    (everyone turns around and looks at George in shock)
    • Made even funnier by George's immediate reaction.
      George: Yes! You heard her, Vic! KISS IT!
    • It is even more awesome when you realize that Claudia considered George to be a better role model than her father-in-law or any of her other in-laws.