Awesome / Generation Kill

  • Manimal saving the platoon during an ambush by putting enough rounds from his Mark 19 into the building where the Iraqis are firing from that the entire face of the building collapses.
  • That part where Recon crossed the whole country in about three days and blew through the Iraqi Army so fast they outran their supply lines. That was pretty cool.
  • Pappy and Rudy as a Sniper-Spotter team, taking out a RPG team.
  • Bravo standing up to Col. Ferrando to convince him to casevac the kid Trombley shot.
  • Trombley braving an AA gun's massive stream of fire to spot the gun and call in an airstrike on it. Even the other Marines think he's insane - in a good way.
    • The only thing that diminishes this is the fact that it didn't actually happen this way in real life. Because in real life, the AA gun was firing high explosive rounds and the Marines were getting hit by mortars too. The real Trombley still stood out in the open to call in the airstrike in spite of all of this.
  • Kocher threatening to "fuck up" Captain America to his face if he doesn't stop firing AK's at things. The Captain is obviously shaken and later in the day buries all his AK's.
    • Even better when Captain America tries to bayonet a prisoner Kocher flat out slugs him.
  • "Gentlemen, we just seized an airfield. That was pretty fucking ninja."
  • In the book only: Corporal Burris taking out the Iraqi T-72 tank with an anti-tank missile, literally blowing it to smithereens. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny, at least to Captain Patterson.
  • Lt. Fick putting Casey Kasem in his place after the latter insulted him behind his back. In context, Fick is talking to Captain Schwetje and Casey Kasem walks up.
    Fick: "I do, however, have an issue with unprofessional conduct of senior enlisted personnel in this company."
    Casey Kasem: "Nate, I-"
    Fick: "Gunnery Sergeant, you do not come up on a discussion between the captain and myself and speak unless you are spoken to, and nobody fucking spoke to you."
  • This Exchange between Doc and Encino Man:
    Doc: "You want me to speak freely sir?"
    Encino Man: "Yes."
    Doc:"Well sir, quite frankly, I think you're incompetent to lead this squad."
    Encino Man: "...I'm doing the best I can."
    Doc: "Sir, it's just not good enough."
  • Colbert, Ray, Wright and Trombly's rendition of Teenage Dirtbag
  • Fick telling Casey Kasem that he can fuck with him, but never with his men.
  • During the bridge ambush, Fick jumps out of his Humvee to get shit unfucked, but after telling the last vehicle in the line to stop engaging and back the hell up, he runs up to Rudy and immediately asks how they can best get everyone out of there. He's in command, but he knows to trust people with more experience than him.
  • Despite being a general fuck up elsewhere, Captain Encino Man gets a cool moment on the second attempt to cross the bridge. With one of their Humvee stuck in the bridge, Major Eckloff gives the Captain an american football style pep talk, which results in the Captain gathering a few men and manhandling the 2,500kg vehicle out of the hole.
    • That moment is also an awesome moment for the Major, who manages to shut up Captain America with a death glare.
    • In the book, it was more of a Batman Gambit: The Major who confronted Encino Man was a Marine aviator assigned to the unit to coordinate air strikes, and had no actual authority over Encino Man and his men, despite outranking them. So seeing Encino Man confusedly shouting into a radio handset, he instead orders the Captain to give him all of his radios. Encino Man complied without understanding, and a few moments later figured out a much more direct solution to their problem than what he was trying to do before.