Awesome / A Giant Sucking Sound

  • Ross Perot being able to reach the White House and creating a viable third party in America is pretty impressive, no matter what side of the aisle you are on in politics. His domestic accomplishments- a Balanced Budget Amendment, a nationwide internet system, ending NAFTA, The Gun Control Package (depending on where you stand on that issue)- aren't too shabby.
  • Stopping the Rwandan Genocide.
  • Perot preventing the occupation of Taiwan by China. Even if Chinagate destroyed his presidency.
  • The 1996 Second Presidential Debate has some awesome moments for Perot and Ann Richards, who take excellent shots at Carroll Campbell.
    • Campbell complains about Perot's handling of the Taiwan Strait Crisis.
    Campbell : About the recent crisis with China, I must blame the President ; yes, Iím blaming him, because he almost abandoned one of our best allies, the Republic of China in exile in Taiwan, just in time to reestablish petty relations with a communist dictatorship. This is wrong, Jim : this is not the American way. No friends left behind, thatís what is right.
    Perot: Well, Governor, tell me if the American way is to throw your motherland into World War III with a nuclear power.
    • Richards shoots down Campbell's excuse for political scandals in South Carolina.
    Campbell: Yes, scandals happened, but you canít make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.
    Richards : The point is not how tasty the omelette is, Governor:it is how rotten were the eggs, and if the cook got dirty himself.
  • A New York cop stopping terrorists from unleashing anthrax in the New York subway.
  • Brandon Lee following in his father's footsteps and becoming a successful movie star.
  • Ann Richards becoming the first female president.
  • Some of the electoral victories of the Freedom Party:
    • Entering Congress in 1995 with 90 Representatives and 13 senators, and winning 9 gubernatorial elections.
    • Hill Harper's career. In ten years, he went from White House staffer, to becoming the first African American Vice President under Donald Trump. In between, he was Chief of Staff, and Senator of Iowa, beating Chuck Grassley.
    • Donald Trump beating Mario Cuomo to become Governor of New York, and later becoming President of the United States.
    • Ralph Nader defeating Chris Dodd, the Democratic Senate Minority Leader, in 1998.
    • Warren Beatty beating Pete Wilson to become Governor of California.
    • Jello Biafra becoming a Representative, beating Frank Jordan to become San Francisco Mayor, and becoming Governor of California.
    • Russ Feingold becoming the first Jewish President.
  • Jeb Bush finding strength in his grief over his father's death, and becoming Governor of Florida in 94, and later president in 2012.