Awesome / The Equalizer

  • The entire final battle at the Home Mart, from start to finish. McCall brutally dispatches Teddy's men one by one using the appliances as traps. And the entire scene is set to Zack Hemsey's "Vengeance", followed by "Graven Image".
    • McCall gets into a brutal fight with a Giant Mook and kills him.
    • McCall blowing up one of Teddy's Mooks with some plumbing torches in a microwave.
    • And finally, we have McCall killing Teddy with a nail gun at the end.
  • The epilogue scene, set in Moscow, where McCall kills Pushkin by electrocuting him in the shower at his mansion.
  • McCall blowing up Pushkin's container ship at the docks and doing an Unflinching Walk in a glorious slow-mo shot.
  • McCall taking out an entire room of Russian mobsters in 19 seconds (he was aiming for 16) and letting Slavi bleed out in retaliation for abusing Teri.
  • His dealing with the corrupt cops and their protection racket, which seems even more awesome now that so much attention has been brought to police brutality against black people.