Awesome / Enter the Dragon

  • Bruce Lee possibly had more Crowning Moments Of Awesome in this movie than he did in either of his other movies.
    • The completely one-sided fight with O'Hara that ended in brutal revenge.
      Lee: Boards... Don't hit back.
      • During said fight, O'Hara picked up a couple of bottles and broke 'em, followed by Lee kicking them away. Lee wanted this to look as real as possible and insisted that they use real broken bottles instead of spun sugar. He gashed the living hell out of his ankle and shooting had to stop for several days while he healed.
      • Oh, and during that fight note the presence of the waving flags in the background, just so you're aware that Lee really is moving that fast.
    • Releasing the cobra on the guardsmen and sitting there with a bored expression on his face as they panic & flee. That's really Lee's foot you see keeping it at bay
    • The fight sequence throughout the base after the alarm goes off. It was further punctuated by a slow-motion scene, also seen earlier in the movie when O'Hara is killed that indicates Lee is "unleashing the beast," so to speak.
    • "You have offended my family... and you offended the Shaolin Temple." It's an appropriate line for incredible fight scene that followed. Also Lee breaking all the mirrors to get rid of Han's advantage.
    • Bruce Lee with nunchucks. Awesome. (His opponent wasn't impressed, though.)
  • Roper when he refused to fight Lee, and instead fought and defeated the monster known as Bolo. Here's a video.
    • Right after that fight, he and Lee team up to kick the crap out of Han's army. It gets even better after that, when all the prisoners are released.
  • As for Williams?
    Williams to Han, when Han forbids him from leaving the island: "Man, you come right out of a comic book."
    • Williams beating the tar out of the two racist cops who arrested him just for being black in his flashback. To add insult to injury, he steals their car and got away with it.
  • Mei Ling fires a dart into a thrown apple. The best part is that she doesn't throw it, she blows it.
  • And we have to give Bruce Lee's Flashback Sister mad props. Yeah she died, but she beat the living hell out of 45 guys before they got her.