YMMV: The Equalizer

  • Complete Monster: In the film, Nicolai Itchenko stands out among the mobsters in his cruelty. He starts by brutally beating an Irish mobster to death, stating it to be about sending a message, something that scares even the Corrupt Cop that works with him. Then he interrogates Alina's friend and fellow prostitute Mandy in her house, trying to pose as friendly when he then strangles her to death. After Robert receives information on him, it is stated that he executed two corrupt officers who worked with him by beating them to death and stuffing them in the back of a car with their testicles removed and shoved on their mouths. He is described as a "sociopath with a business card" which is fit: he openly admits to Robert that he sees being sentimental as a weakness and sees no gain in it and sees him as nothing but an obstacle to remove.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: observe.
  • Escapist Character: The movie version is squarely in this territory. Who secretly doesn't want to be a seemingly unstoppable, resourceful badass, fighting off rooms full of gun toting gangsters with their bare hands, barely breaking a sweat sometimes, and getting justice for their victims, without needing any of those silly superhero powers? Not only that but the guy isn't exactly young either.
  • God-Mode Sue: McCall comes across as such; only one of his many opponents (a random Mook) gives him any real trouble, and Teddy goes down in a few shots from a nail gun.
    • A few?!? I counted no less than 5 shots from a nail gun. In fact this is one of the few times Robert doesn't display his usual efficiency. Don't you think he could have taken down Teddy with the first shot? Or at least the second? This is the same person that made a shot to a gangster's neck with another person's gun that was still in that person's hand (although the arm connected to the hand was twisted around that person's back...). But still, his Improbable Aiming Skills aside, this seemed a bit like Robert making Teddy suffer a bit.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Control.
  • The Woobie: Alina in the film. Forced into prostitution, and clearly doesn't enjoy what she does, but doesn't have any way to escape. Even sadder when she's shown interacting with McCall, and the audience gets a glimpse of the normal teenager she could have been. Fortunately, she's able to survive her injuries, and by the end has started to go to school and has a safer job.