Awesome / TJ Omega

  • Standing up to R.I.D. Bruticus after the Hell Hound had spent the entire review threatening to kill him, defeating him with his "Royality Free Blade" and stuffing him in a box with a worse toy than he is! Also counts as Crowning Moment of Funny, mostly due to the sound effects of the "Royality Free Blade".
  • Getting The Nostalgia Critic to make a cameo on the Sonic Underground episode of TJ TV!
  • His epic, 40+ minute chewing out of Shadocon 2012. This wasn't simply 'complaining about a convention he didn't like', it was a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to the convention staff for gross incompetence that made it an absolutely horrid experience for himself and others. In particular, calling them out for not taking proper care of their performers (the conditions were ludicrously dangerous for said performers and they didn't even have a EMT ready when the stunts were clearly dangerous enough to warrant it).
  • The return of Plastic Addict. Not only is the review done in the style of one of Edgar Allan Poe's poems, but he actually got Scott McNeil to voice a specific line for the review!
    • He'd later say this episode had the most work gone into it of any episode of Plastic Addict, ever. The script took a year.
  • TJ calling out the Moral Guardians that complain about Shezow's premise. First by actually describing the show's premise and how it stands, then calling out said Guardians by saying that they must have just seen some images and read a brief summary, then screaming their pants off about how it will scar the children for life. Then comparing it to Bugs Bunny's crossdressing antics and also bringing up the subject of his review: Cybersix. For context, Cybersix was a female character who crossdressed as a male (And yes, he does bring up the Double Standard of it). He pondered why this show got away with crossdressing before concluding that you actually had to watch the show. He ultimately concludes the rant by saying that the Moral Guardians' complaining are all superficial and that they're just attention seekers.
  • TJ calls out the executives who allowed G.I. Joe Extreme to go through, detailing the origins of the GI Joe franchise in an American marine in WWII who single-handedly held off a numerically superior Japanese force, and insisted that when creating a doll of his likeness, Hasbro was to keep the character an American marine. And how even in the 80's variant we're all familiar with, it kept the patriotic spirit. He then starts Suddenly SHOUTING! this: