Funny / TJ Omega

  • His review of Armada Sideswipe begins with him getting into an arguement and firing his opening!
  • This gem from his Animorphs Tobias review:
    TJ Omega: I could do any of these for Plastic Addict, they're all that bad. Because, seriously (picks up boxed Animoprhs toy), most of these toys are so horrendous that when you open one up; you can literally hear the joy in the world dying around you. Let me just give you a quick example here. (Puts ear to the package and opens it. Cue chorus of painful screaming)
    • His reaction to the fact the Tobias toys' human mode has a head just like his.
  • His entire Supreme Cheetor review! The mix of Cutaway Gags and his Deadpan Snarker commentary makes the whole review a nonstop Crowning Moment of Funny.
    • It gets even more funny when you hear the the un-reversed "possessed" speech:
    I'm talking to the camera but I'm not actually talking to the camera. I'm talking to the one sad idiot that's actually recording this and playing it backwards so you can understand what I'm actually saying right now.
  • In his Optimus Minor Review, we get this gem when the toy is delivered:
    TJ: Looks like the mailman brought me something!...And broke through my front door to leave it in front of my bedroom door. That is really weird!
  • His fight with R.I.D. Bruticus is both this and a Crowning Moment of Awesome. Special mention goes to the "Royality Free Blade".
  • Go Bots Alert!
  • TJTV Episode 20, Transformers G1. His reaction to one of the characters looking like Michael Bay.
    • After listening to a clip of Optimus and Megatron, TJ does a Fanboy Squee!. Made funnier by the line that follows:
    TJ Omega: Sorry, my inner fanboy just did... Something.
  • TJTV Episode 22. Sonic Underground. The cameo from The Nostalgia Critic
  • TJTV Episode 23 opens with TJ's evil descendant from the future coming back to try and kill him, apparently having found a way to do so without negating himself, and is horrified to find TJ watching My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic to try and get out of his Sonic Underground induced Heroic B.S.O.D..
  • In his Fourze Driver review, he opens up the container containing all his accessories in...and finds Kamen Rider Diend stole everything in it.
  • Any time he and Scott McNeil interact (basically, any convention TJ can make where he's present). Part of it is just Scott's inherent wit, the other half is that TJ tends to find ways of surprising him with the stuff he brings.
  • A lot of his scathing review for the trainwreck that was G.I. Joe Extreme- concerning the character designs which almost always has big ink blots to mimic "darkness" (even in broad daylight), he comments "I'd say the person who designed this show should be shot, but that involves gunfire, so they'd probably just get an erection." He then goes on to describe the massive amount of More Dakka present, which then cuts to a clip from UHF of George's Rambo fantasy where George blows shit up.
  • "Top 5 Inappropriate Transformers". So much crap gets past the radar that it's utterly hilarious, such as G1 Scattershot's massive exploding crotch gun, Armada Hot Shot's posterior Power Link, Transmetal 2 Blackarachia's strippable top + boobs and "nipples", Beast Machines Cheetor's epic jacking off action, or Beast Wars 10th Megatron's Ass Shove + tail cannon opening.
  • TJ's Toycember reviews of the Appliance Hero line, a line of knock off quality transforming toys that, as their name suggests, are household appliances that transform into surprisingly awesome robot modes for the most part. And an adorable second robot mode. TJ is as confused as the audience.