Awesome / Sins of a Solar Empire

  • The Novalith Cannon, the TEC's superweapon and the strongest weapon in their arsenal. It is a railgun the size of a capital ship that fires huge nuclear warheads at enemy planets through phase space. The explosion devastates the target planet and all ships in orbit, and it can completely sterilize a planet in two shots.
    • The Vasari, on the other hand, have the Kostura Cannon, which functions similarly to the Novalith in the sense that it shoots gigantic missiles at enemy planets. However, instead of nukes, the Kostura shoots powerful EMP warheads that temporarily disable all enemy ships and structures.
  • Winning a map. Throughout the entire time you play on this map you're involved in what is undoubtedly a long, costly war against the other faction(s), and you finally bring it to an end.
  • The Rebellion expansion. Three Words: Titan. Class. Ships. Oh, yes!
    • Each Titan is uniquely awesome. The TEC Ragnarov is a five-mile-long Big Fuckin' Gun with more guns stuck to it. The TEC Ankylon is so heavily armored it can wade through whole enemy fleets without so much as a scratch. The Advent Coronata can mind-control enemy ships by the bucketload, then instantly brainwash a whole planet. The Advent Eradica does massive damage and becomes temporarily invincible if it runs out of hull points. The Vasari Vorastra can literally eat enemy ships and instantly suck planets dry of resources. And the Vasari Kultorask? It's a GIANT GODDAMN UMBRELLA OF DOOM.
  • The Trader Emergency Coalition, using nothing more than converted civilian craft and antiques can kick just as much ass as the Imperialst space aliens and the nation entirely composed of psychics. Think about it.
    • Gets better with Fridge Logic: The Vasari and Advent rebellion split have the "loyalist" factions wanting to continue the war, and the "rebels" wanting peace. The Traders? Torn between Holding the line and ensuring Peace Through Superior Firepower, or a more... permanent option. In other words, the other races are asking, "Is victory possible?". The TEC is asking, "When do we call it victory?"
      • The Vasari have been fleeing an unstoppable enemy for god knows how long. The Vasari loyalists want to keep running. Vasari rebels want to throw the TEC and the Advent at it. And with every passing second, the enemy draws closer...
  • The game itself is a meta example. At just 1 million dollars of budget, it recoups it's development costs in just 7 months before any of the $10 expansion packs come out. It also has a thriving mod community (which went as far as debugging the game, a feat few communities could claim), highly addictive and expansive gameplay (one of the few RTS titles that invoke Just One More Turn as easily as TBS-hits like Civilization), plus easy system requirements (allowing even less powerful PCs to play the game at maximum setting). This game is proof you don't need much budget to build a great game.