Awesome / Sins of a Solar Empire

In-game examples

  • The Novalith Cannon, the TEC's superweapon and the strongest weapon in their arsenal. It is a railgun the size of a capital ship that fires huge nuclear warheads at enemy planets through phase space. The explosion devastates the target planet and all ships in orbit, and it can completely sterilize a planet in two shots.
    • The Vasari, on the other hand, have the Kostura Cannon, which functions similarly to the Novalith in the sense that it shoots gigantic missiles at enemy planets. However, instead of nukes, the Kostura shoots powerful EMP warheads that temporarily disable all enemy ships and structures.
    • The Advent's superweapon, the Deliverance Engine, is basically a mind-control device used as a superweapon. That's right, the Advent wield their psionic conscience, the Unity, as a superweapon!
  • Winning a map. Throughout the entire time you play on this map you're involved in what is undoubtedly a long, costly war against the other faction(s), and you finally bring it to an end.
  • The Rebellion expansion. Three Words: Titan. Class. Ships. Oh, yes!. Each Titan is uniquely awesome:
    • TEC Loyalists get the Ankylon Titan, a fortress in space that is so heavily armored it can wade through whole fleets without suffering severe damage. As if that isn't enough, the Titan can support allied fleets and significantly increase it's already high survivability; it is able to increase it's hull repair rate and weapons damage significantly (especially in allied gravity wells), is able to deploy a short-lived shield around itself/allied vessels that reduce damage taken, and it is also able to stop enemies from using their abilities as well as dealing Damage Over Time. The Ankylon's ultimate ability is Rousing Speech and Break Them by Talking combined into one; it causes enemies to get longer weapon cooldown while allies get shorter weapon cooldown.
    • The TEC Rebels have the Ragnarov Titan; a long BFG with more guns to the sides of it and engines at the back. The Ragnarov hosts a myriad of offensive abilities; it has a single, long-range shell, and has two Splash Damage abilities; one deals knockback and the other deals damage in a conical area in front of the Ragnarov. The Titan's ultimate capability is doubling the damage output of the next ability it uses.
    • Advent Loyalists utilize the Coronata Titan in battle; a Titan that represents the Advent's Roaring Rampage of Revenge at it's finest. It can permanently mind-control enemy frigates/cruisers by sacrificing it's antimatter reserves and weapons damage with every shot (That's right, merely getting shot by it can inflict Mind Control on the unfortunate frigate/cruiser crew). The second ability can cause enemies to have lower damage output and speed just by being in it's vicinity. It's third ability allows it to project a Wave Motion Gun that only increases in lethality the more allies there are in the same gravity well. As the coup-de-grace, the Coronata's final, ultimate ability allows it to instantly brainwash an entire planet!.
    • The Advent Rebels' Eradica Titan is also no slouch; it is infamously an absolute nightmare to kill thanks to it's abilities. It can sacrifice an allied vessel then absorb it's hull, shields and antimatter for a quick boost of each to the Titan. The second ability is a Splash Damage attack which a slew of other ships also have, but the third ability makes every destroyed allied ship a boon to the Titan's weapon damage. The ultimate weapon of the Titan is the final ability, that causes it to take less damage, restore antimatter faster, and gets less cooldown on it's abilities the more damage it takes to the hull (in layman's terms, the Titan becomes harder to kill the more you damage it.) And should it go down anyway, it will turn completely invulnerable and fight on for 2/4 minutes, with all the bonuses above, before finally going down. Add to the fact that new Titans constructed after the last one (i.e the one you lost) retains the previous one's level, once the Eradica Titan hits level 6 and learns this ability it is simply the one Titan they couldn't kill.
    • Vasari Loyalists summon the Vorastra Titan to aid them; it is a massive ship with a myriad of nasty abilities. The first one allows it to initiate a short-range phase-jump within the gravity well closer into enemies, partially averting the Mighty Glacier trope that most Titans fall prey to. The second, a passive, grants it small but permanent damage reduction, allows the Titan to fire faster the more it is shot at, and causes the Titan's weaponry to deal Splash Damage. The third allows it to instantly build a Phase Stabilizer in it's gravity well. The Vorastra's ultimate weapon is a giant maw that can suck in ships and destroy them instantly, granting resources to the Vasari player wielding the Vorastra. Also notable, the Vorastra can also serve as a mobile capital world with the proper research; as long as the Vasari Loyalist player has the Titan or a Capital Planet (or both) intact, they are still in the game.
    • The Vasari Rebels get the Kultorask Titan, a GIANT UMBRELLA OF DESTRUCTION that also has a selection of nasty abilities. It can nano-leech antimatter and hull points from enemy frigates (basically, it's a Splash Damage Life Drain), sacrifice it's hull for friendly ships in range, and it possesses a gravimetric wave that slows enemies down (or, if they happen to have nano-leech, completely disable them for a period of time). The trump card of the Kultorask is an ability that causes Damage Over Time to enemy vessels, or cause targets that happened to have nano-leech to take more Damage Over Time.
  • The Trader Emergency Coalition, using nothing more than converted civilian craft and antiques can kick just as much ass as the Imperialist space aliens and the nation entirely composed of psychics. Think about it.

Meta Examples

  • At just $1 million of budget (for context, that is a No Budget value, as most big-name video games cost 18-28 times as much to develop), and being their debut game to boot, Canadian developer Ironclad Games has brought us one of the most addictive RTS games (which can match the Civilization series in terms of causing addiction despite being real-time, a feat matched by few games) on the market. The game itself has a thriving, robust Game Mod community dedicated to doing almost everything, including code-optimization to reduce the frequency of crashes; fans love this game so much they are voluntarily debugging it. It sold well enough to cover it's development costs in just seven months after release, before any of the $10 DLCs came out, way before Rebellion was released. It also received generally favorable reviews of at least 8/10 (that's 80%, or 4/5). For a game costing just 1/18th of most games, this is an impressive feat.
  • The game made headlines in a time when invasive, unnecessary DRM was infamous and turned people off otherwise excellent games; this was because it was released without Copy Protection. Yes, a pirated copy was essentially a fully-functional, unlimited-time demo, allowing one to skirmish against the A.I but not play over the Internet; for that, you need to buy the game. Those who held pro-DRM attitudes predicted failure, but, well..... see the above.
  • On April 4, 2017, Rebellion commemorated it's fifth annivesary (being first released in 2012) by getting a surprise update that fixed a myriad of bugs and performance issues, particularly concerning late-game performance as the 32-bit process game engine was stymied by a 2GB RAM usage limit. Said update boosted the usage limit up to 4GB, and fixed stuttering/lag issues in late-game, large-scale battles. Rebellion also received a facelift that made the game better-looking, especially on 4K monitors, with a new "Extreme" setting. Yes, Stardock and Ironclad has supported Sins of a Solar Empire (at least for Rebellion) from the day it was released until today. Not bad for a game that started all the way back in 2008.