Awesome / Shaun of the Dead

  • Beating a zombie to 'death' with pool cues in a pub...while the jukebox blares out Queen's Don't Stop Me Now.
    • Don't you mean in sync with Queen's Don't Stop Me Now?
  • Shaun finally snapping and chewing Ed out over his Too Dumb to Live antics. Even the zombies seem impressed.
    Ed: Oi! What are you doing?
    Shaun: [shouts] What am I doing? What are you doing, you stupid moron?
    Ed: Fuck off!
    Shaun: [shouts] You fuck off! Fuck fucking off! I've spent... look at me! I've spent my entire life sticking my neck out for you and all you ever do is fuck things up! Fuck things up and make me look stupid! Well, I'm not going to let you do it any more. OK? Not today!
  • The British Army rolling up and kicking zombie arse, a rare aversion to Armies Are Useless.
  • "Please, can we just, CALM... THE FUCK... DOWN?