Awesome / Sharktopus

  • Some of the scenes featuring the Sharktopus, despite being terrible, fall into this territory just by sheer ridiculousness.
  • One part from the commercials for the movie doesn't get old with repeated viewings: The sharktopus devouring a bungie jumper mid fall. It's a cross between this and Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • The fights between the Sharktopus and the Pteracuda in the sequel are actually pretty awesome, with plenty of nonrepeated footage.
    • Some fridge awesome for Sharktopus himself. Whenever he and Pteracuda fight, it's usually Pteracuda that makes the first move, but the ensuing fights are pretty one-sided in Sharktopus's favor. Every fight is basically Pteracuda Bullying a Dragon.
    • Some for Whalewolf too: After spending the previous two movies manhandling the military and Pteracuda with no problem, Whalewolf is the first adversary to actually hold his own against Sharktopus, and even manages to kill him.