Funny / Sharktopus

  • It seems that shooting up in the air with a machine gun clears people out of an area faster than telling them there is a sharktopus on the loose.
    • Duh. It's pretty hard to believe something so ridiculous unless you saw it for yourself.
  • Conan O'Brien's death in the sequel. He is impaled through the back by one of Sharktopus' tentacles, the end of it sticking out of his mouth. His head is then bitten off and chunked over towards some volley ball players, who use it as a volleyball.
  • Pteracuda pimp-slaps Sharktopus twice in their first encounter. Later Sharktopus gives Pteracuda a few Three Stooges smacks in return.
    • Sharktopus embraces its inner Moe Howard in the sequel as well, smacking the hero about pretty good when said hero tries using a voodoo doll to control it. It even scratched its head with one claw in a "How stupid is this guy?"
  • In the second movie, where Sharktopus is being trained to communicate by pointing at symbols, it sneakily motions from the symbol for "human" to the symbol for "food", apparently for the audience's sake.
  • In the third movie at one point the "hero" is lost in a mall. He looks at a mall map and asks, "Where am I?" A clawed tentacle promptly reaches up over the map and lightly taps on the 'You are Here' mark.
  • Admit it. Your laughing over the concept for this film alone, aren't you?