Tear Jerker / Shaun of the Dead

  • Shaun's tears as his mother dies.
    • Even worse than that was the moment where he breaks down in the Winchester basement. "I couldn't save any of them!" Just for a second he's way over the Despair Event Horizon, and he just thinks this caps off all the failures in his life...damn, Simon Pegg needs an award for that scene.
      Liz: How many we got left?
      Shaun: Two. S'pose we could take a few of 'em out if they stood in a line.
      Shaun: I know.
    • Barbara gives Liz her necklace, saying that Shaun's biological father gave it to her and she wants Liz to have it just before dying.
      "I didn't want to cause a fuss."
  • This troper never fails to be moved to tears by the scene where an infected Ed volunteers to be left behind to die so he won't slow Shaun and Liz down
    Ed: I'll stop doing them when you stop laughing.
    Shaun: I'm not laughing. [And he's not: he's crying]
  • Philip telling Shaun that he loved him then dying. Gah.
    Shaun: He's not my dad!
    Barbara: Shaun-
    Shaun: Mum, he was, but he's not anymore!
    • And the bit just before that, when Diane asks Shaun if 'his dad' is all right, Shaun repeats the old refrain of "He's not my dad!" and Philip looking heartbroken.