Awesome / Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase

  • Daphne defeats a Samurai warrior with a broom. Well, not a broom, but with one of those things you rake Japanese rock gardens with. Still, it's nothing but a long stick of wood.
  • Also, on level 8, Scooby and Shaggy are facing down a Dragon. So Scooby charges forward like a horse, and Shaggy throws a bucket of water in its face to scare it off. Who knew a comical victory could be so awesome?
  • Cyber Scooby Doo distracting the Phantom Virus while real Scooby Doo goes for the Scooby Snacks. Especially because the only difference between the two were the color of their dog collars!
  • Fred bullfights a fully grown and vicious lion in the Roman Coliseum with Daphne's jacket, and wins. He then, like a gentleman, gives Daphne her undamaged jacket back.
  • Another one for using older monsters as bosses in the final level. Seriously, who remembers watching the episodes with these five older baddies?
  • In the final level, the two Velmas are in the carnival's petting zoo petting a cute baby goat when Old Iron Face shows up and chases them offscreen. In an awesome and funny moment, we then see Old Iron Face being chased himself by the goat's larger, horned father, who head-butts him out of the petting zoo area. Nice work, Papa Goat!
  • The Freds jumping off the rollercoaster at just the right moment to harmlessly land on a bounce house.