Awesome / School of Rock

  • Ned's has to come when he walks out on his crazy-ass girlfriend just as she's shouting at him to try standing up for himself.
  • The epic "The Man" speech from Dewey. In all its glory.
  • The band's big performance at the end is as awesome a climax as you can ask for.
  • The cast singing along to the Immigrant Song.
  • After Dewey's whole scheme gets exposed, the kids show up for school the next day..... and then quickly say "screw it," hijack a bus, pick up a very surprised Dewey, and do the damn show anyway. That's what being a devoted Team Dad will get you.
  • The movie has a Broadway musical. The most awesome part? All the kids are and MUST be musically trained and none of their solos are flukes. Imagine being 9-13 years old and being able to pull off extremely hard guitar, drum, bass and singing solos for their ages in front of live broadway audiences. School of Rock deserves as many Tony Awards as possible for how well put together it is and how hard those damn kids work.
    • The kids are so spectacular that Andrew Lloyd Webber makes an announcement at the beginning of the show to assure the audience that it is in fact the kid playing the instrument and not somebody backstage.