Heartwarming / School of Rock

  • The encore at the concert. School! Of! Rock! School! Of! Rock!
  • After seeing Zack berated by his father in the parking lot, Dewey initiates a class lecture/improvised song about sticking up for yourself. By the end, Zack is feeling much better and even thanks Dewey for the great lesson...in front of the other teachers (who are both awed and slightly jealous).
    • Even better when you see Zack's father cheering him on during the final performance.
    Lawrence's father: Your son's very skilled.
    Zack's father: Thanks. So's yours.
  • Any and every time Dewey bonds with one of the kids. Especially the way he interacts with Lawrence and Tomika and helps them deal with their respective self-esteem issues.
  • When Tomika sings her solo at the Battle of the Bands, it cuts to her parents gasping with delight in the most heartwarming way. Her mother looks like she wants to cry Tears of Joy.
  • Dewey's little speech to Tomika when she worries about her weight. He lists Aretha Franklin as a Big Beautiful Woman who's also a fantastic singer. Shows that Dewey is a Cool Teacher at heart.