Awesome / Saki

Season 1: Nagano qualifiers

  • The discovery that Saki can deliberately keep her score in ±0 in a game of mahjong. As Yuuki says, mahjong is a game that is mostly luck-based, with even professional players have an average of 30% chance of winning. A ±0 score is basically breaking even, something that is explicitly stated to be harder than actually winning. Saki does this all the time and Hisa attributes this to both incredible luck and incredible skill.
  • Saki again being roped into playing mahjong with the Kiyosumi Mahjong club in order to see whether or not she can still keep a ±0 score against people who already know how she plays. Nodoka decides to take the game seriously with the intent of proving that it is impossible to deliberately maintain a ±0 score (she tried doing it online, but couldn't even do it once). She declares Riichinote , putting extra points on the table. Thus the only way for Saki to maintain a ±0 is to win via a very specific hand (70 fu 2 han). Cue Saki winning via that specific hand.
  • Fukuji wins her match in the Nagano finals and what makes it awesome is how she does it. Controlling the flow to prop up Yuuki in order to weaken Jun. With the power of her right eye, she negates Jun's ability to sense the flow of other players too. As the commentators pointed out, the second half of the match ended in a one-sided wipe out.
  • Kana gets several of these, namely when she gets a Yakuman hand earlier than she expected and passes it up solely because it interferes with her gameplan of getting 30 exhaustive draws in a row and one direct yakuman in order to win. And she seriously believes she can do it.
  • Momo getting the most points in the match against the vice-captain of Kazekoshi, Touka, and Nodoka. And all this from a character whose face had never been shown until halfway through the match.
  • Saki defeating Koromo by getting a Rinshan Kaihou, as well as taking advantage of a rule that forces Koromo to pay the points, which enables Saki to overtake her and win.

Achiga-hen: Nara qualifiers and National Tournament Side A

  • Team Achiga curbstomping all the schools in Nara, including the perennial Nara representatives Bansei high. It doesn't even take an episode for them to win the Nara qualifiers.

Season 2: National Tournament Side B