Funny / Saki

  • Saki managing to (unknowingly) intimidate the four members of team Ryuumonbuchi when she passes by them during the Nagano qualifiers, only to ruin this moment by tripping over nothing.
  • Mihoko attempts to print out records of her opponents' last matches, and ends up wrapped in the laptops' power cables while the laptops are sparking electricity and she knocked the rest of the computers on the network offline.
  • After Jun loses in the sergeant match.
    Jun: I'm a girl, dammit!
  • During the break in the vice-captain's match, Yumi pointedly stands with her back to the wall when she calls for Momo. It doesn't help.
  • After the 4th tournament round "You really didn't stand out much".
    • It's even funnier when you realize that in-universe, Touka got overshadowed not only by Nodoka, but "Stealth Momo" of all people.
  • Touka's reaction to Momo declaring richi.
    Touka: (glaring at Momo) You! Have you been properly vocalizing the richi announcements?!
    Momo: (nonchalantly) I guess so?
  • Momo misinterpreting what happpened between Yumi and Hisa.
    Momo: Whwhwhwhy are you calling her by her first name? Who is she?
    Yumi: We got along well last night.
    Momo: Last night!? Got along well...!?
    Momo: (unintelligible)!!
    Yumi: Calm down, Momo. We're not doing anything special.
    Momo: DOING WHAT...!?
  • Mako, Tomoki and Miharu get fired up for a rematch against Kaori... and end up losing just as badly as before. The manga shows their being in a collective Heroic B.S.O.D. after the match, while the anime shows the three with Scary Shiny Glasses, while Kaori does not have them.
  • From Saki Biyori, Coach Kubo sends out a cell phone message to the Kazekoshi mahjong club.
    Message: Kubo here. I know it's on short notice, but there will be no club activities today. Get yourself a nice relaxing day off. ^_^
    Mihoko: What does (^_^) mean? Is it code for something? What does it stand for?
    Kubo: (blushing) I... I just felt a bit...
  • Also from Saki Biyori, Mihoko trying to figure out how you can use a computer to arrange for making a T-shirt, such as thinking that the shirts come out of the computer.
  • In Saki Biyori, as a result of getting requests from Jun and Hajime at the same time, Tomoki ends up carrying a bag of snacks, a TV and Koromo all at the same time, grimacing under the burden.
  • After Miyamori's vanguard match ends, Shiro asks Aislinn to carry her back. Aislinn responds by drawing a figure kicking another figure off.
    Shiro: (deadpan) "Screw you", you say? How lame... (Aislinn smiles and waves while Shiro walks off)
    • Hell, almost every scene involving Shiro is subtle comedy gold for this troper. Blink-and-you'll-miss-it lines like "Kurumi aged" in reference to Toshi as well as just Shiro's personality and mannerisms alone are enough to open up the possibility of a spinoff focused on her.
  • Kurumi's reactions to Hiroe's taunting.
    Hiroe: (to Haru, while gesturing to Hisa) It'll be bothersome if you lump me into the same category as her. We're on completely different levels.
    Kurumi: Stop yakking and just report how much you won!
    Hiroe: Um... It's 5,200.
  • Before the vice-captain match of the quarterfinals starts, Kinue reflexively kicks Etopen, mistaking him for a soccer ball and sending him flying into the air. It's also quite funny when, in the Zenkoku-hen anime, as she's apologizing to Nodoka, the announcers are trying to make sense of what's going on.
  • In Saki Biyori Chapter 25, Mairu tries decorating her journal entry with colored pens, but only has a red pen,and turns the entire page red. Cue her best friend Himeko trying to figure out whether she was trying to send her a coded message, and Mairu being completely confused at what Himeko is getting at.
  • From Saki Biyori Chapter 29, the Achiga team, while looking for its fifth member, has a sleepover at the Matsumi place. Ako then decides to invite her older sister Nozomi (who's about a decade older than she is). As Ako makes her invitation, Shizuno protests "No! Wait! Nozomi's just too old for-", only to find out that Ako was inviting Nozomi to the sleepover, rather than considering recruiting her. Ako then smirks and mentions that Nozomi's asking "Too old for what?", prompting Shizuno to say, "No! I can explain!"