Fridge / Saki

  • In Saki, a complete beginner, Kaori, manages to win a game against tournament level players because her inexperience rendered her completely unpredictable to her Meta Game-steeped opponents. Confusion Fu pointed out the Fridge Logic that, since Mahjong is used to gamble, it should've been easy for experienced players to win off a rookie. my response: Mahjong is Serious Business to these girls. Gambling isn't their goal, it's seeking Worthy Opponents and defeating them. For this reason it never would have occurred them that they would even play such a newbie, so nobody thought of trying to hustle her, either. — Sgamer82
    • This could also be the case in Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer; just replace "Mahjong" with "battling doll Mons". Misaki was unpredictable because she came in cold, and had no pretensions of being the best, so she learned more from every opponent. — Gamer From Jump
    • It's also exacerbated by their play style; all the other girls in that match specialized in analyzing their opponent's play. Since Kaori barely knows the rules, there is no possible way of doing that, and when she's one tile away from a massive win she's just as nervous and flustered as when she's got a terrible hand. Nodoka, who focuses more on probabilities and therefore would be better able to judge which hands she can have as opposed to which ones she's acting like she has, would probably have taken her apart. — nameheregrr
  • When you think about it, the likely origin of Nodoka's insistence that Saki play seriously is almost as depressing as Saki's choosing to play for +/0 points to avoid her family getting mad at her. Her father (and most likely her mother as well) looks down on Mahjong as a game based, in his mind, purely on luck, he thinks she's wasting her time by practicing it, and he doesn't seem to care that she's made friends through the game or that she's able to win a championship. Nodoka's remarkably subdued and sad during those scenes, and it's clear that her father showing her so little support with regards to something she enjoys and is good at is hard on her. Perhaps this is part of the reason why Nodoka is upset to lose to someone who didn't initially like mahjong.— Valiona
    • Additionally, it can be inferred that the reason why she doesn't believe in superstitions is in part due to her father dismissing mahjong as a purely luck-based game. She wants to believe, and possibly convince him, that she earns her victories, so players having supernatural gifts for the game quite possibly flies in the face of that argument.— Valiona
  • Momo's childish speech isn't her trying to be cutesy; rather, her speech never matured because she stopped communicating when she was a child.Valiona
  • Toyone's "Tomobiki" skill wasn't something she had until she transferred to Miyamori. The four calls she makes represent her four teammates, who are her first four friends. Then the final tile in her hand, which she says is no longer alone, represents her. She is immediately able to draw and complete the pair because she herself is no longer alone.==Legendary_Boy_A
  • Besides just generally having strong powers, there's another reason Saki and Teru are so fearsome: All the guaranteed victory powers (eg. looking a turn ahead and calling Riichii, winning with a pursuing Riichii, Koromo's last-tile wins) seem to come with the same caveat, they only work as long as no one changes the draw order. Saki's Kans change the drawing order, plus they interfere with larger-scale lockouts because the normally inaccessible tiles largely wind up in the dead wall. Teru doesn't seem to have a similar abilty (though she did get one quite well-timed Kan) but she exploited the same effect by discarding a tile just to get someone else to discard the tile so she could call it. — nameheregrr