Trivia: Saki

  • All-Star Cast: And how. Even rival schools are given voice actors of note.
  • Ascended Fanon: Yoshiko Kainou and Hayari Mizuhara being a pair. Started as a bit of a fan pairing after their first appearances in the main series, their relationship became canonical in both the main manga and Shinohayu.* The Danza: Momoko "Momo" Touyoko is voiced by Momoko Saito.
  • Fan Nickname
    • Yuuki: Taco-tan, Tacololi or simply Tacos. Other characters even call her Tacos too.
    • Chikako: Gardevoir.
    • Hitominote : Sheep. Because of her hairstyle.
    • Himeko: "KISS fan" due to makeup under her eyes.
    • The Kei Arakawa Corps: Kei and her four friends from different schools who are either competing in the individuals or not in the tournament at all.
  • Schedule Slip: Ritz isn't exactly the most consistent mangaka around. The series at one point jumped from being bi-monthly to getting a (very short chapter) a month to stopping altogether for close to a year, then going back to monthly and bi-monthly. As of 2014, due to health complications, Ritz is back to releasing the manga monthly, with substantial breaks in between.