Awesome: Rusty and Co.

    Dame Madeline Goodlaw 

  • Madeline, inches from unconsciousness and covered in her own blood, confronts a fresh unwounded enemy who has just effortlessly curb-stomped the rest of her party. Now that is what being a paladin means.
    Grinner: "Hey girly, you ain't on the list, so why don't you and your last two hit points just go home, eh?"
    Madeline: "Because that's not what paladins do!"
  • Earlier, Madeline decapitates a vampire three times in one strip.
  • In our introduction to Maddie she has just finished smiting an entire den-of-iniquity's worth of random monsters, without getting scratched or, as far as can be discerned, even breaking a sweat.
  • Madeline forcing Roxy and Presti to help rescue Mimic and Cube.
  • Madeline shows off her new vorpal halberd.
  • Madeline trident-flips a girallon into a piranha tank.

    Roxanne Casbaugh 

     Prestige Perkins 

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