Awesome / Ronin Warriors

  • The debut of the Inferno Armor.
  • Talpa's second defeat.
  • For the Yuli-haters, it's when Ryo slaps him. Across the face.
  • Mia gets hers when she goes outside the city to search for the missing Sage at great risk to herself. Not even being under danger will deter her.
  • The dub tends to hand Rowen lines that were shocking reveals in the original and it makes him come off as Captain Obvious, but there are a few instances where he just handles problems the smart way. At one point he gets attacked in a subway tunnel and avoids the conflict entirely by jumping out and hanging from the tunnel roof and letting the train carry the mooks away.
  • Anubis calls forth his armor again. And proceeds to wreck the shit out of Talpa's plans. All of them.