YMMV: Ronin Warriors

  • Base Breaker: The canon females (especially Mia, Kayura, and Suzunagi) are either admired or loathed in the American fandom. Mia is seen as either a Plucky Girl who does what she can despite her lack of fighting skills or a Damsel Scrappy who gets in the way of everything, while Kayura and Suzunagi are constantly accused of being Mary Sues.
  • Complete Monster: Lord Talpa (Arago) was a brutal conqueror who killed countless innocents in his lifetime. After death, Talpa's spirit survived by bonding to his armor. In the present, Talpa resurfaces in his evil Dynasty by stealing the inhabitants of a whole city to drain their energy and lives. Talpa shows no care for his four champions, the Dark Warlords, and when their leader Anubis begins to waver in his conviction, Talpa tortures and mind rapes him into servitude before absorbing the lot of them to regain his corporeal form. Talpa betrays his men for his own power and keeps the last member of his greatest enemy's clan as one of his greatest soldiers. He shows no hesitation in trying to sacrifice her with the rest of his minions when her usefulness is over and has her mentally tortured and possessed to keep her useful. When he resurfaces, Talpa attempts to unleash his power without any regard for collateral damage. Defined by his greed, hunger for power, and cruelty, Talpa is proud of how many lives he had stolen in the past.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Lady Kayura, at least until her Heel-Face Turn later on.
  • Foe Yay: The official Ronin/Warlord rivalries are sources. The rivalry between Anubis/Shuten and Ryo breaks the mold, but takes the Foe Yay to the next level. Rowan and Kayura definitely had their moments of this too.
    Rowen: It looks like I'm falling for you, Kayura!
    Kayura: You know I'll only break your heart!
    • It doesn't help that both of their voice actors share the same last name (possibly married?).
  • Fridge Brilliance: Why can Kayura handle just about anyone save Ryo using the Inferno Armor? Because she's the last of the line of Ancients, one of whom was able to defeat the very source of the armors in the first place.
    • Also, why is the final battle with Talpa such a Tear Jerker? Because it's a mirror image of the first battle between the Ronins and Talpa. The first time around, Ryo was on the outside of Talpa's body while his friend's souls were trapped within, binding Talpa with their powers and begging Ryo to destroy them all. Logically, poor Ryo couldn't go through with it. In the final battle with Talpa, the positions are reversed. Ryo is fused with Talpa, binding the villain with his power, begging his friends (now on the outside) to destroy him. They have no alternative but to go through with it because by this time, they're out of options. It's a good thing for Ryo the Jewel of Life was nearby, otherwise the series would have had a Bittersweet Ending...
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: Uncensored nudity managed to get past Cartoon Network's censors twice.
  • Ho Yay: Damn. ...er, this is bound to be a factor given the Cast Full of Pretty Boys. The heroes are all in their early-teens, but the show doesn't have any romantic component to speak of. When you further consider how close-knit their friendship is (and the fact that many of them are from broken families), you can't help but wonder although Seiji constantly made smooth passes at Nasuti in the original version. Ryo also does fall in love with Luna in the 1st OVA, Gaiden. Sadly, she is killed by the Big Bad.
    • Seiji and Nasuti have minor flirtation in YST which is completely removed in the dub. Rowen is also part of a fan preferred couple with Lady Kayura, despite the fact she is physically twelve. However, both of these pairings as well as Ryo's relationship with Luna are often ignored by fanfiction writers in favor of homosexual relationships.
    • The Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei manga calls the series a "rite of passage" for Yaoi Fangirls.
  • Macekre: Surprisingly averted; with the exception of character and attack names, and some editing around of scenes in the first two episodes, the dub is incredibly faithful to the original show, right down to allowing character deaths and leaving the level of violence practically untouched. Hell, a brief flash of Lady Kayura naked was even left untouched!
  • Narm: One of the more (in)famous lines from the dub is Ryo's Your Mom moment.
    "Your mother wears army boots!"
    • Narm Charm: That said, it's a favorite line amongst fans despite how silly it is.
  • Older Than They Think: There are still people who look down on the series as nothing more than the Spear Counterpart to Sailor Moon. YST debuted four years before the Sailor Moon manga started. It really doesn't help that when Cartoon Network got their hands on the series for Toonami they pretty much promoted the show as such, sometimes airing episodes of each series back-to-back and creating promos that almost looked like a crossover between the two.
    • Inverted in the Latin American fandom, but with Saint Seiya, who was broadcasted at the same network and at the same slot.
  • The Scrappy: Depending on which segment of the fandom you ask, this can be either Yuli, Mia, Lady Kayura, Suzunagi, or even all four.
  • Seasonal Rot: Many North American fans dislike the final story arc, Message, due to the episodes relying on the heavy usage of stock footage from the TV series and second OVA to accompany the character monologues.
  • Shipping: As much as to be expected, although there's an aversion of the Ryo/Kayura pairing.
  • Tear Jerker: White Blaze's sacrifice. But he got better.
    • Anubis' sacrifice got Yuli and plenty of FanGirls crying.