Funny / Ronin Warriors

  • Episode 32 of the dub gives us this gem, which is straight up Narm Charm:
    Ryo: "Your mother wears army boots!"
  • Rowen, in the English dub, delivers two of the greatest lines ever:
    "Lady Kayura! She's a GIRL!"
    "What? Anubis is a MAN?!"
    • Incidentally, Rowen is not much better in the Japanese original.
    (Episode 36, after being rescued from Arago's (Talpa) castle, and standing before Lady Kayura, who is fully visible:
    Seiji (Sage): You! Kayura, was it?
    Touma (Rowen): Careful. She's a lady warrior from the netherworld.
  • Episode 30, when Talpa (Arago) creates the Sword of Doom, the voice actor was enjoying every moment of the exchange between Talpa and the Ronin Warriors.
    Kento: "No! You can't—"
    Talpa: "—I CAN AND I WILL on the last two Ronin Warriors!"
    Sage: "You're slime, Talpa!"
    Talpa: "...mmnh, yes, perhaps I am. [Laughs]"
    • Talpa's stances really sell the scene. It doesn't help that you can hear the actor struggling to not laugh when he continues with "I will take... great... pleasure from the demise of your two friends!"