Awesome / Leviathan


  • Alek gets a glorious one in Leviathan. His Stormwalker tries to sneak past a German land dreadnought, but is soon set upon by a sqaud of scout walkers, who shoot flares at him, trying to light the Stormwalker up for the Germans. They eventually do get stuck with a flare, and take fire from the dreadnought's cannons. So, with his walker lit up like a Christmas tree, and a bunch of very big cannons poised to blow it to smithereens, what does Alek do? He grabs his father's cavalry sabre, climbs on top of the (moving) walker, and hacks at the flare with the sword, eventually knocking it off. Note that he does all this while the walker is moving at high speeds, and under fire.
  • The opening music on the audiobook version.


  • Alek and Deryn dragging the ORIENT EXPRESS by its arms to take down the Tesla Cannon in Istanbul.
  • Deryn saving Newkirk from a watery death certainly counts. Hell, she gets a medal for it too!
  • Most things with Zavrin in it that aren't a Crowning Moment of Funny are this. His death is not an exception. The illustration for it even gets a suitably awesome/badass caption: "A Goddess and a Martyr Topple the Tower".


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