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* Alek gets a ''glorious'' one in ''Leviathan''. His Stormwalker tries to sneak past a German [[HumongousMecha land dreadnought]], but is soon set upon by a sqaud of scout walkers, who shoot flares at him, trying to light the Stormwalker up for the Germans. They eventually ''do'' get stuck with a flare, and take fire from the dreadnought's cannons. So, with his walker lit up like a Christmas tree, and a bunch of very big cannons poised to blow it to smithereens, what does Alek do? He grabs his father's cavalry sabre, climbs on top of the (moving) walker, and hacks at the flare with the sword, eventually knocking it off. Note that he does all this ''while the walker is moving at high speeds, and under fire.''
* The opening music on the audiobook version.


* Alek and Deryn [[spoiler: dragging the ORIENT EXPRESS by its arms to take down the Tesla Cannon in Istanbul.]]
* Deryn saving Newkirk from a watery death certainly counts. Hell, she gets a medal for it too!
* Most things with Zavrin in it that aren't a CrowningMomentOfFunny are this. [[spoiler:[[HeroicSacrifice His death]] is not an exception]]. The illustration for it even gets a suitably awesome/badass caption: [[spoiler:"A Goddess and a Martyr Topple the Tower"]].


Where to begin...?

* How about Alek [[spoiler:killing Nikola Tesla with [[HoistByHisOwnPetard his own walking stick]]]]? That was pretty badass.
** Could also start with how they got there. [[spoiler: Have to get to the top of a tower of death, guarded by men with guns, and a lunatic with a walking stick of mass destruction? Eh, just give Volger some swords, napkins, and a smoke grenade... he'll take care of it.]]

* -A good swing, that will net Deryan a triple!
** A [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Heartwarming/Leviathan Heartwarming]] [[spoiler: landing of TheBigDamnKiss while in the middle of a-]]
** [[NightmareFuel Nightmare Fuel]] situation. That consists of [[spoiler: the person she loves facing Hyperthermia, a concussion, and both of them falling to their death. All because they decided to be-]]
** [[MomentofAwesome Awesome]] and [[spoiler: remove a damaged antenna that could damage your [[AirWhale Giant Flying Whale Ecosystem Whatever]] during a thunderstorm.]]
* Good Play next up at bat is Aleksandar Franz Ferdinand, here comes the pitch...GRAND SLAM.
** Awesome [[spoiler: Shutting down the doomsday weapon, despite being electrocuted by a weapon that can take down genetically modified war bears.]]
** Heartwarming [[spoiler: Saving the woman, and ship, he loves]]
** Nightmare Fuel [[spoiler: As said before, he is inside a doomsday weapon. That may, or may not, blow up Berlin, or the entire North American Eastern Coast where it currently resides.]]
** Tear Jerker [[spoiler: Killing someone you knew isn't as easy as killing some random soldier, Alek finds this out after he thinks all his friends, adoptive family, and woman he loves is about to die.]]

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* In Chapter 19: Wrath, Shinji/[[spoiler:Ultraman]], Asuka(Unit 01), and Toji(Unit 02) have to stop a [[spoiler:rampaging Godzilla.]] The two Evas are defeated rather swiftly leaving Shinji to face [[spoiler:Godzilla]] alone. The resulting battle is GLORIOUS, with the two beating the ever-loving hell out of each other with beams, fists and teeth. Shinji [[spoiler:loses, however when Godzilla breaks his back. Yet despite his grievous injuries after the fight, Shinji uses his remaining strength to get Asuka out of the mauled Unit 01.]] You are a brave kid Shinji.