Awesome / King Kong

All movies:

  • Kong's rampages in all the films are definitely one of the highlights.
  • The Japanese version is the dream for every kid who grew in that generation: King Kong vs. Godzilla!
  • Ethnic Scrappy Charlie the Cook gets one in Son of Kong when trapped with his allies in a crevas by a territorial Styracosaurus, he breaks his meat cleaver off in the monster's FACE—causing it more anger/pain than his allies' guns had.
  • The only worthwhile scene in "King Kong Lives" is also its Moment of Awesome. Kong takes on an armed platoon of soldiers, (led by an almost "Ax-Crazy" colonel) taking machine gun fire and cannon shots to the chest as he wades through their numbers, either killing or scattering them all. He's dying, yet he's not gonna let up till his enemies are crushed and his mate is protected. He finished this up by crushing said colonel under his big fist.
  • In Son of Kong, Kiko's battle with the cave bear is a grueling affair for both parties that finally ends with Kiko arms himself with a club and beats the bear into submission. It may not be the T-Rex battle from the original, but it's still an amazing watch.