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It was Beauty killed the Beast.

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  • The death of Kong. Yes, It Was His Sled applies in full, but the two main versions still wring it out for all its worth. The 1933 version had this happen unintentionally, as technically, Kong is the villain, but the way the music is used and the "Performance" Willis O'Brian gives Kong really rank up the sympathy, and though it's inevitable—everyone still felt sorry for him. In the end, he was a poor, confused and hurt animal. The 2005 version's music and performance are equally evocative.
    • Doesn't help that he hits the edge of the building several times as he falls to his death
  • Baby Kong using the last moments of his life to save Carl Denham from drowning, as he himself is drowned.
  • "It was Beauty killed the Beast."
  • 1933 and 2005 versions of Kong's final battle on the Empire State Building. His last moments are spent looking at Ann for comfort and then the last plane swoops in and...(sob)
  • Sure the 70s remake isn't that good and it may come too little too late but Kong getting gunned down by helicopters, a total blood bath, and then falling to his seemingly death is pretty sad. Also the pilots of the planes/helicopter that perished since like it or not it is pretty dangerous having an animal that big on the loose.