Funny: King Kong

  • In the 2005 version, though it is a sad scene, it is kind of darkly funny the way everyone is shown mourning their dead friends (Lumpy over Choy, Jimmy over Hayes)...and then we cut to Denham mourning over his totaled camera.
  • After Denham and Hilda meet and befriend "Little Kong". The much friendlier giant ape fights a giant cave bear to save them. Denham bandages Little Kong's injured finger in return. The way he marvels at the bandage is too silly and adorable for words.
  • In the 2005 version, Kong himself, while a pretty fierce individual, has some moments of hilarity, such as his getting bored with some of Ann's antics halfway through, the temper tantrum causing a rock to fall on his head, and his nonchalant dismissal of Ann after saving her from the V-Rex.
  • While searching for Ann, the group comes across one of Kong's footprints, leading to this:
    Lumpy: "There's only one creature capable of making a footprint that size." *Dramatic Pause* "The Abominable Snowman."
    • gets even funnier when you consider a 1977 King Kong mockbuster, 'Yeti: Giant of the 20th Century'; used said snowman as its monster
  • Bruce Baxter is enraged at Jimmy's graffiti on his movie posters...until he starts thinking about what he might look like with a mustache...
  • Ann's interactions with the V-Rex, and Kong's fight with them (when it's not being terrifying, that is).
  • Admittedly not part of the movie officially, but the outtakes feature Jack Black doing Carl Denham's Jack Black. Specifically, addressing the studio heads about the map.
    Black/Denham: "A primitive world, never before seen by man. A place so fucking weird, it's going to blow your balls off."
    • Black's "song" that he'd been working on (roodle-y doodle-y doodle-y doo...).
  • Some of the Production Diaries for Peter Jackson's film are quite hilarious. There is one that is essentially a day in the life of the featured extras, which mostly involves them hanging around the lounge waiting to be called onto the set. In the end only one of them gets to actually be on set that day, and when he comes back he brags that he actually had a line. Cut to two others (humorously) beating him up.
    Jed Brophy: Had a line, didja? Hope it was a good one! ::punch punch punch::
  • The One-Scene Wonder sergeant.
  • Hokey as the 1976 version was, the scene where Kong is caged up inside the oil tanker and being fed — fed, by dumping lots and lots of really tiny (normal-sized) fruits and vegetables through a hatch — is kind of amusing for the sheer absurdity of the scale difference.