Funny / King Kong

  • After Denham and Hilda meet and befriend "Little Kong" in Son of Kong. The much friendlier giant ape fights a giant cave bear to save them. Denham bandages Little Kong's injured finger in return. The way he marvels at the bandage is too silly and adorable for words.
  • Hokey as the 1976 version was, the scene where Kong is caged up inside the oil tanker and being fed — fed, by dumping lots and lots of really tiny (normal-sized) fruits and vegetables through a hatch — is kind of amusing for the sheer absurdity of the scale difference.
  • Kong eating a hunter alive as he screams in terror in King Kong Lives? Not so funny. Kong making a cartoony GULP! sound and picking the guy's hat from his teeth like a piece of spinach, complete with an annoyed expression? Hysterical.