Awesome: K

Awesome moments for the Anime K.

  • Episode 1 - Kuroh swooping in [cue soundtrack] and blocking Kusanagi's fireball attack from getting Yashiro, then using his astral hands to beat Yata and grab Yashiro, and bringing him safely away from HOMRA.
  • Episode 5 - When Misaki blocked a direct sword strike from Saruhiko using his skateboard. The entire fight was probably the crowner for that episode.
  • Episode 7 - Neko and Yashiro saving Kuroh from Scepter4 by having the former creating an illusion of Shiro in the stadium, then creating a fake Sword of Damocles and distracting Munakata so that Kuroh can escape, with the latter speaking telepathically to him on how to escape.
  • In Episode 8, The way Shiro evades the police who are tracing his call is amazing. Instead of making the call directly, he dialed the number for the head of Scepter 4 on one cell phone, set it down in a truck with a second cell phone right next to it. Then, from somewhere safe, he calls the second cell phone. Since his voice carries from the second cell phone to first, he can then talk to Reisi, who can only track the call to where they set the first and second cell phones down.
    • It actually goes even further. They didn't actually do any of that. They called Reisi like normal from the back of a truck, but when Kuroh sensed that Scepter 4 was close by tracking their call, Shiro and company were forced to hide in a nearby boat. Shiro hastily placed a second cell phone to make it look like they did everything described above. Scepter 4 took the bait and decided not to search nearby, assuming Shiro was very far away. For extra points, Shiro found the time to tape a circuit board and some computer casings together with the phone to reinforce the illusion that it was a remote job.
  • Suoh escaping Scepter 4's custody in truly badass fashion during episode 9.
  • In episode 11 Shiro revealing himself to actually be Adolf K. Weismann and summoning his sword of Damocles in an epic fashion.
  • In the 12th episode, Neko is able to use her powers to hold back a large scale psychic onslaught against the Colorless King.
  • In episode 13, Shiro easily defeats the Colorless King in a psychic battle and traps his soul. He then interrupts Reisi and Mikoto's battle, effortlessly blocking and forcing back both of them at the same time.
  • The Movie in general.
    • Let it be known that Anna is a complete badass. Anna gets kidnapped by the Green Clan and is locked inside a cage at the top of the Gold King's tower. Following a heartwarming dream sequence, Anna awakens as the new Red King, chanting No Bone, No Blood, No Ash as she proceeds to break out of her cage in an overly awesome fashion reminiscent of Mikoto, all while sprouting a pair of fiery wings. A giant fiery phoenix also emerges.
      • Anna using her powers to protect the others from Green, including non-clansmen.