Headscratchers: K

Headscratchers for K.

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     Adolf's affiliation? 
  • Adolf was a war scientist in world war II. Did the show say either way whether he was a nazi or affiliated with them? Sure, the former is unlikely given the kind of person he was, but I'm just wondering if he could have been working with them even if he didn't necessarily sympathize. I mean, they were the only people he could have been working for while in Germany, right?
    • He probably was working for the Nazis, but that doesn't mean he's bad. He clearly had good intentions of wanting to save people and bring happiness - though his research was probably used for less-than-benevolent ends by the Nazis, which resulted in his sister's death.
    • Well, given that his sister died in a bombing raid, odds are good the Nazis weren't responsible. (Why would they bomb their own scientists?) But yes, given that Adolf worked in Germany, was overseen by the military and ended up running away to Japan, the Nazis are pretty much the only credible possibility.
    • Actually judging by the depiction of Dresden during and after the bombing, his sister was killed during the Firebombing of Dresden, which was a joint effort by the British and America.

     Why doesn't Neko just create illusional clothes? 
  • Since Neko hates wearing clothes, and is so talented at creating illusions, why doesn't she just make clothes that others can see but she doesn't feel?
    • She's a cat. She doesn't see why she would need clothes.
  • She might just be doing that. In a weird sequence in episode 6, she shows up out of nowhere wearing a nice suit, which is clearly an illusion. Likewise, the pink gown that eventually she settles on was never actually shown to be bought or found.

     Why didn't Neko use illusion to sneak in like she always does in the movie? 
  • Neko has always used her illusions to sneak into places, but like why do they just rush in to the building clearly visible? It is also shown that Neko's illusions do work on the Green clan although they are wearing helmets. She can also trick them into thinking that Neko and Kuroh are Green clansmen as well so like why doesn't she?
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