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Awesome: Jessie
  • Jessie kicking Brody out after finding out he's a two-timing Jerkass in "The Princess and the Pea Brain":
    Jessie: I would never date a guy who's scared of dragons. (beat) That's a long story, which you don't have time to listen to, because you're leaving.
    • It's also one for Bertram, who revealed him in the first place.
  • "Jessie's Big Break", when 'Mick D' hits on Jessie, despite having a girlfriend, Jessie does the following:
    • Effortlessly flips him onto the floor.
    • When he tries to persuade her otherwise, she distracts him and kicks him in the shin.
    • Followed up by pushing him into the elevator with a kick to the butt.
    • And for good measure, flings his bag right into his groin, hard.
  • A minor one, also from "Jessie's Big Break": Mrs. Kipling has been taken by a Jerkass zoologist. Said zoologist then gets hit in the head by a projectile. This conversation ensues:
    Mrs. Lemke: That lizard has got to stop throwing things at me!
    Ravi: (snarkily) It was not the lizard.
  • Luke and Emma's dance routine in "Toy Con." Do I need to say more?
  • "Diary of a Mad Newswoman": The invisible wires that Zuri used to make Jessie and Bertram think she was an alien was cool.
  • Jessie finally getting the kids to do what she says in "Caught Purple Handed"
  • In "Lizard Scales and Wrestling Tales" Jessie taking down the Motorcity Mauler (a wrestler). She might have won had she not been trying to tell Luke she's not his mom.
  • Maybelle (played by A.N.T. Farm's Stefanie Scott) gets one in "Hoedown Showdown" when she hog-ties(!) Emma's date after he attempted to cheat on her.
  • In "Creepy Connie 3: The Creepening", the store Emma works at gets robbed under her watch and she, Zuri, and Bertram are able to use their knowledge of the fancy restaurants they've been to by using what's left (lettuce, ketchup, and a potato chip) to satisy the customers, and it worked. Even though Emma got fired, she got her job back after learning Emma sold them for 11 dollars each.
  • Ravi's cup stacking routine in "Where's Zuri?"
  • After 3 seasons of being an unredeemable jerk, Mrs. Chesterfield finally gets what's to her in "Between The Swoon And New York City" when she is sued for harassment
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